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YPG releases balance sheet of attacks on Rojava 

Reporting ongoing attacks and violations by the invading Turkish army and gangs under their command against Rojava, YPG Press Office said advanced attacks on Efrîn are being frustrated through the resistance of the YPG forces.

Details of the balance sheet announced by YPG is as follows:

“On 18.07.2017 the Turkish army and their gangs launched an intensified aggression on the villages of Ayn Daqna, Minnix and Belûniyê with mortars and howitzers, which left the fields of villagers burned. A fighter of Erka Xweparastin (Self-defence Forces) fell a martyr whilst fighting for the security of the civilians during the aggression. The gangs also attacked the areas of Maranez, El Qamiyê, Malikiyê and Baradê Malikiyê with DShK and mortar fire, as well as the Qestel front with Katyusha fire and the Bashemre front in Efrîn’s Sherawa district with mortars. The same day, gangs attacked the hills of Martyr Şilan, Îska and Martyr Ednan with DShK weapons.

On 19.07.2017 gangs launched an attack on Basûfanê village of Efrîn’s Shêrawa district and the region of Baz, Îska and Barîn hills in Cindirêsê district with mortars. The gangs furthermore attacked the Berfîn hill in Cindirêsê district with B7 missiles, and Ayn Daqna area with DShK and mortar fire.

On 20.07.2017 the Turkish army and their gangs attacked the village of Maranez with tanks, as well as the villages of Başemrê and Basûfanê in Efrîn’s Shêrawa district with mortars. The area of Baz and Barîn hills in Cindirêsê was also targeted with mortars.

YPG forces hit the Turkish backed gangs that were preparing for an attack on Martyr Şilan hill with DShK fire but the number of casualties inflicted on the gangs couldn’t be clarified.

On 21.07.2017 YPG forces hit the gangs preparing to attack the Qestel hill, and one gang member was verified killed here while the apparently higher number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

On 22.07.2017 the Turkish army and their gangs shelled the village of Ayn Daqna with mortar, howitzer, Katyusha and tank fire, as well as the villages of Maranez and Basûfanê with mortars. During the cleaning operation in Ayn Daqna area, YPG forces have found another gang member’s body left from recent clashes, with which the number of gangs’ corpses in YPG possession rose to 10.

All the attacks have damaged the orchards and agricultural lands of the villagers and are risking the lives of civilians.”

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child of the occupation…

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Turkish army and gangs shell Efrîn and Shehba