Official results of the “Local Council” elections held in Northern Syria on December 1st have been announced by the Supreme Election Board in a press conference in Amude town of Qamishlo Canton. The press statement was read out by co-chairs of the board, Ruken Mele İbrahim and İzeddin Ferhan, in Kurdish and Arabic.

The statement highlighted a 69% of participation in elections in which the Democratic Nation Solidarity List was in the lead all the three regions of Cizîr, Efrîn and Fırat (Euphrates).

The Supreme Election Board stated that the peoples of Northern Syria held these elections based on their resolve to find a solution to the Syrian crisis by fortifying the basis of Democratic Federation of Northern Syria after 7 years of conflict, saying; “The second phase of Local Council elections for the determination of town, district and canton council members was held in Cizîr, Euphrates and Efrîn regions of Northern Syria on December 1st. Peoples went to the polling stations as of erly morning hours and cast their votes in a free and transparent fashion for the first time in Syria and the Middle East.”


Cizîr Region:

Democratic Nation Solidarity List: Out of 2902 candidates, 2718 were elected.

Syrian Kurdish National Coalition List: Out of 99 candidates, 40 gained a seat.

Independent candidates: Out of 264 candidates, 144 were elected.

Fırat (Euphrates) Region:

Democratic Nation Solidarity List: Out of 954 candidates, 847 were entitled to enter the councils.

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (Wahde): Out of 124 candidates, 40 were elected.

Independent candidates: Out of 95 candidates, 67 gained a seat.

Efrin Region:

Democratic Nation Solidarity List: Out of 1175 candidates, 1056 were elected.

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (Wahde): Out of 197 candidates, 72 were elected.

Syrian National Alliance List: Out of 48 candidates, 8 were elected.

Independent candidates: Out of 68 candidates, 40 were elected.

The Supreme Election Board thanked everyone that made an effort for the elections to be held with success, including educators who served as observers, asayish members who provided security for polling stations,  and media outlets that covered the elections.

Each list will have the right to submit an objection to the Supreme Election Board within three days starting from today.

The first part of the three-phase elections in the Northern Syrian Federation was on September 22 with the election of Commune Co-chairs. The second part with the election of town, district and canton councils has taken place today and the last phase, elections for the Northern Syrian People’s Congress (Kongra Gel) is expected to be held in January 2018.


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