ERBIL — A landmine on Monday killed three members of an Iranian Kurdish family in Mehran city in Ilam province.

Hengaw News Agency for monitoring human rights in Iranian Kurdistan reported on Monday that an anti-tank mine killed Ali Askar Malak Khatayi, 30, Shazainab Taraj, 55, and Roqya Taraj, 40, who were all from one family.

The area where the landmine went off was previously declared safe by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Six Kurdish civilians have been killed and 13 others wounded in Ilam Province since the beginning of 2017.

The explosion of landmines, improvised explosive devices (IED) and explosive remnants of the Iran-Iraq war era have claimed the lives of 15 Kurds from the Iranian Kurdistan since March 2016.

In the same period, some 40 people were also either wounded or amputated, including five members of the demining units.

According to the report, among the victims from Urmia, Kermanshah, Ilam and Sanandaj are a number of teenagers and children, including the eight-year-old Mohammed Elyasi.


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