A video released by Yemen’s Houthi rebels allegedly shows the body of their former ally, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Officials from various sides, including the Houthis’ opponents, have confirmed that the video shows the body of the powerful former president, who ruled Yemen until 2012. 

In pictures and video widely circulating on social media Mr Saleh apparently has a severe head wound. 

Abdel-Rahman al-Ahnomi, a top Houthi media official, said Mr Saleh was killed trying to flee rebel-held territory to the border with Saudi Arabia. 

Sources in the Houthi group told Reuters news agency Mr Saleh was killed in an RPG and gun attack on his armoured vehicle.

Previous reports said his house in the capital Sanaa had been hit by Houthi mortars. 

The Houthis and forces loyal to Mr Saleh until last week were allied in the civil war against Yemen’s current exiled president, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Clashes in the Sanaa in the last few days has killed at least 125 people. 

More follows…



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