Hundreds of young people from the Euphrates and Cizire regions of Northern Syria started a Long March demanding an official statement on the health and security conditions of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan who is held in aggravated isolation by the Turkish state.

- 1511565092 596 image - Third day of the Long March for Öcalan in Rojava 

The march was started on November 22 with the participation of three groups from Hesekê, Serêkaniyê and Derîk.

Participants of the march organized by Rojava Youth’s Union (YCR) and Young Women’s Union are expected to reach Qamishlo on November 27.

- 1511565092 454 image - Third day of the Long March for Öcalan in Rojava 

The march is being held as part of the “Serî Hilde” (Rise Up) campaign recently launched by Komalên Ciwan Communities of Youth) and Komalen Jinen Ciwan (Communities of Young Women). The campaign aims to raise awareness about the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and demand his freedom, resist against Turkish attacks on Rojava and invasion of Southern Kurdistan and celebrate 40th anniversary of PKK.  The campaign was launched in late October and will last until the Newroz, March 21, of 2018.

More young people from across Kurdistan, Syria and Europe are joining the campaign every day.


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