YPG handed over the families of gang members who came from Russia to join ISIS to Russian authorities. The hand over ceremony was held in Qamishlo yesterday. Russian General Alexander Kim, Russian Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vice President Dr. Ziyad El Sensebi, Cizire Foreign Relations Council Co-chair Ebdulkerim Umer and YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud participated in the press statement.

YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud spoke in the press statement and said: “We as the YPG and SDF have met with the families based on human rights and the laws of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, and the whole world bore witness.”

Nuri Mehmud said the 13 women and 29 children with them would be handed over to the Russian government officially with signatures from the YPG and Russian General Alexander Kim.

Afterwards, Nuri Mehmud and Alexander Kim signed the document stating that the Russian families had been handed over.

Ebdulkerim Umer gave a speech and spoke about the relationship between the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Russian government.

Umer pointed out Russia’s positive approach towards Kurds and all parties to participate in the solution process for the Syrian crisis.

Umer said the families want to return home and that there has been no pressure to hand them over to the Russian government.

Then Russian Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vice President Ziyad El Sebsebi thanked the YPG and the Democratic Autonomous Administration for their humane approach.

Ziyad El Sebsebi said they need to continue their relationship with democratic Kurdish forces and parties, and pointed out that there will certainly be a compromise and a solution to all problems.

El Sebsebi continued his speech with, “We are hoping that our relationship won’t just be confined to the handover and that our cultural, social and economic relationships will get stronger.”

After the press statement, the YPG handed over the families to Russian authorities.


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