Kurdish Youth Dies Under Torture in Syrian Regime Prison

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Rasheed Bilal Mohammed, a Kurdish youth from Afrin, Syrian Kurdistan

ERBIL — A Kurdish youth from the Syrian Kurdish region (commonly known as Rojava) died in a Syrian regime prison as a result of torture.

Informed sources in Afrin city in Rojava confirmed to BasNews that a Kurdish youth died in a detention institution of the Syrian regime after he was arrested nearly two months ago.

The sources told BasNews that Rasheed Bilal Mohammed, a Kurdish youth, was arrested two months ago while he was attempting to travel to Lebanon for work.

Mohammed died under torture in the Syrian regime prison, said the sources.

“The Syrian regime handed over the body of Rasheed Bilal Mohammed to his family on Friday and was buried in his hometown in the village of Janjliyah in the town of Rajo on the outskirts of Afrin,” according to the local sources.

According to human rights organizations, the Syrian regime has arrested many young Kurds from Rojava while heading to areas controlled by the Syrian regime, and the fate of some is still unknown.

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