ERBIL — Iranian security forces killed a Kurdish teenager who was working as a backpack carrier, commonly known as Kolber, on KRG-Iran border areas in Khoi city of Urmia Province.

According to Hengaw, a human rights news agency, Rasoul Yusufi, a 13-year-old Kurdish Kolber was beaten to death by the Iranian security guards in Qutour district of Khoi city in Urmia Province on Monday evening while he was carrying a 5 gallon diesel fuel container.

The Kurdish teen backpack carrier died after he was brutally beaten by the security forces. The incident sparked outrage among the people of the area.

To mislead the public, the Iranian media claimed that the Kurdish teen was killed by his fellow workers, according to Hengaw whose correspondent in the area considered the claim baseless.

Moreover, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards fatally shot two other Kurdish Kolbers named Majeed Dalayi Milan and Saed Ismail Yar last week.

Due to harsh economic situation of Kurds in Iran, thousands of people are risking their lives by transporting goods between Iran and Kurdistan Region for a living. The Kolbers are facing a real threat of being targeted by the Iranian border guards who regard them as smugglers.


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