ERBIL — The US-led Global Coalition has recently delivered 120 trucks loaded with heavy armament and armored vehicles to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“The US has supplied us with Hummer armored vehicles and heavy armament for the Deir ez-Zor operation, including missiles, infra-red guidance missiles, machine guns, mine throwers, Kalashnikov assault rifles and other ammunition,” a high-ranking official from the SDF told Sputnik’s Turkish service.

He, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that the new shipment were brought in through the Semelka border crossings between Syrian Kurdish territories and the Kurdistan Region.

According to the official, the Kurdish-Arab alliance of SDF continues rapid victories against the Islamic State (IS), but it is in need of more armoured vehicles to decrease the number of fatalities on its side.

“We are advancing, our forces need to operate in the areas of combat and we do need armored vehicles. We have lost many fighters who were killed in mortar shelling by Daesh terrorists because they did not have armor protection,” he explained.

With the US military personnel present on the ground to assess the situation, the SDF official was optimistic of continued US military supplies so as to meet the demand.


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