Opinion leaders and sheiks of the tribes in Shehba Canton released a statement against the aggravated isolation imposed by the Turkish state on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan who is held in İmralı Island High Security Prison.

The statement by Shehba Canton Diplomatic Relations Bureau is as follows;

“We call on human rights organizations and the United Nations to put pressure on the AKP government in order for it to end the isolation on Öcalan and disclose his conditions. This is the demand of all the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens.

The isolation imposed on Öcalan for 18 years now aims to incite a conflict between Turkish and Kurdish peoples. Erdoğan claims to be defending the peoples of Syria but invades the Syrian lands through gang groups. And now, he is making efforts to invade Idlib in order to fight against the Syrian Democratic Forces.

We offer our condolences to the families of all martyrs and wish speedy recovery to all the wounded.”


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