Kongreya Star Coordination Member Sara Xelîl and Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-Presidential Council Member Hikmet Habip gave speeches in the November 1 celebrations in Martyr Egîd Square.

In her speech, Sara Xelîl said the women took great strides on the path to liberation with Öcalan’s ideas, showed Kurdish women’s strength to the whole world, and pro-peace forces fought against terror along with fighters in Kobanê.

Hikmet Habip said, “The Kobanê victory was based on the will of the people, and nothing can stand against terror but the strong will of the people. They started in Kobanê and continued until they liberated Raqqa. The Kobanê resistance paved the way for the founding of the SDF.”

Habib commemorated the freedom fighters who fought and were martyred in Kobanê and promised to continue on their path.

The November 1 celebrations continue despite the rain.


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