Revolutionary Forces Commander General Ehmed Sultan (Ebu Erac), who is from Idlib himself, spoke to ANHA about the state of Idlib and said their forces are always prepared to defend the people of Idlib.

Ebu Erac started his speech by mentioning that their forces have also participated in the liberation of Raqqa and have achieved great success. He added: “The SDF is always ready to fight gangs and clear the region of gangs. As of now, the SDF is putting this into practice in the rural areas of Deir ez-Zor.”


Ebu Erac continued by saying the victory flag now flies over Raqqa and continued: “After the Raqqa victory, the Turkish state launched a series of meetings. The Turkish state has held meetings with all the guaranteer states in the Astana talks. All the Turkish state’s meetings are geared towards blocking the post-Raqqa process. Because the Turkish state knows very well that after Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, we will be turning towards Idlib and its surroundings. The Turkish state has entered Idlib territory as invaders by carrying out attacks. The Turkish state is now close to Aleppo province and Hama to the north.”


Ebu Erac said the gangs started fighting among themselves after the Turkish state entered Idlib and continued: “Some of the Jabhat Al Nusra gang groups favor the Turkish state entering Idlib and some don’t accept it. The group that enabled the Turkish state’s crossing into Idlib is the group led by Ebu Mariya Al Qehtanî who is supported by Al Nusra.”


Ebu Erac stated that they are prepared to enter into Idlib and added: “Whenever the people of Idlib ask us to do so, we will. Many of our fighters are in fact from Idlib, and thus have the right to liberate their lands.”

Ebu Erac said they won’t allow Al Qaeda to stay in Idlib, or the Turkish state to invade Syrian lands and continued: “Right now, the armed forces currently in Idlib have no strength left. In practice, the ones holding Idlib under control are Al Nusra. Other groups don’t have influence, and act under their command. The people of Idlib have been stripped off their will and the city is like a volcano ready to erupt at any time. The people of Idlib who revolted against the Syrian regime will revolt against Turkey too.”


Ebu Erac said the following on the Turkish state’s invasion of Idlib: “Turkish state crossing into Idlib territory happened under the sponsorship of Russia. This means that the Turkish state has handed itself over to Russia, and thus through Russia, to the Syrian regime. This happened recently in accordance with a plan between Erdoğan and Putin. I don’t know for certain if Idlib was given to them in return for Efrîn, but everything the Turkish state does happens on the basis of serving the Syrian regime. I assume a deal was made between Russia and Turkey to hand over the border gates to the Syrian regime, but the regions of Efrîn and Shehba have not come under Turkish state control, and they never will. We will never allow that to come to pass.”

Revolutionary Forces Commander General Ehmed Sultan (Ebu Erac) concluded his speech with the following call: “I am calling on the people of Idlib, and all our brothers with dignity in politics and in military, there are dirty plots on Idlib from the outside. These plans do not serve the interests of the peoples of Syria, or the people of Idlib. I am hoping we can come together against the invaders in our lands. We are hoping the people of Idlib will defend their lands. All together, we will defend the unity of the peoples and the lands of Syria.”


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