A bar in the Israeli city of Jaffa has launched an initiative believed to be the first of its kind: a happy hour for menstruating women. 

Anna Loulou in Jaffa’s old town’s introduced a ‘bloody hour’ discount last week which gives women on their period 25% off drinks all evening on weeknights. 

The discount for “those with the flow” works on a trust-based system and launched with a red-themed party on 28 October.


The bar’s two female owners hope that ‘bloody hour’ will help tackle the stigma attached to talking about periods – including among men.

“Beyond the initial childish embarrassment, ‘cause that how it is with anything connected to the body, we want to speak about this important issue,” co-owner Moran Barir told Haaretz.

“There is no platform for addressing the subject of menstruation and there’s no legitimacy in the public sphere for discussing it without people immediately going, ‘Ick, why are you talking about that?’”

We want to recognise the “special situation” women are in for around a quarter of their adult lives with a “treat” or “favour”, Ms Barir continued. 

The bar is already famed for its inclusive atmosphere. LGBTQ, Arab and Jewish customers can often be seen drinking and dancing together – an uncommon sight in other parts of the country.


Ms Barir came up with the idea when she ordered a glass of wine and the bartender couldn’t remember whether it had been red or white. 

“I told him simply, ‘Here’s how you’ll remember: I’m on my period, so bring me red,’” she said. 



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