ERBIL — Iranian regime has deployed military forces and heavy arms into the Kurdish cities in northwest of the country after the latest Hashd al-Shaabi’s military operations against the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

Iran’s army has militarized the Kurdish cities of Sanandaj, Saqiz, Mahabad and Urmia. The Iranian regime has deployed heavy arms and set up military posts inside the cities, according to the pictures and videos circulated on the internet.

The reason behind this move of Iran is not clear yet.

The deployment of the military across the Kurdish cities in Iran has spread fear among the residents in those areas.

A large number of Kurdish people in the Iranian Kurdistan took to the streets after the independence referendum was held in the Iraqi Kurdistan on September 25 to show their solidarity with Kurdistan Region. On the following day, Iranian authorities arrested 700 Kurdish youths who participated in the gathering, 500 of whom are still being held in prisons.

In response to the independence vote, the Iranian-controlled Shi’ite militias of Hashd al-Shaabi, equipped with heavy US-supplied weapons, launched a major offensive against the Kurdistan Region’s disputed territories.


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