The Euphrates Shield gangs engage in abusive practices like theft and seizure by violence in the regions of Shehba under the invasion of the Turkish army and affiliated gangs that also force people to leave their homes in an effort to change the demographic structure of the region.

Ibrahim Ehmed, Commander of the Jarablus Military Council -Union of Euphrates Jarablus Battalions – made a statement against Turkish backed gangs, which is as follows;

“To our dignified people who sacrifice their lives for the country,

The Turkish backed Euphrates Shield gangs that invaded Jarablus and al-Bab came to the region only to loot the properties of our poor people. They usurped the homes and lands of the people.

We as SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) fighters, children of these lands, call on the dignified people of Jarablus to rise up against what these groups engaged in theft and looting are doing. We call on Jarablus people to stand against the gangs that pillage their lands and fields.

As SDF fighters we struggle with all of our being. For our country, and to free the people of atrocity and repression, we are ready to sacrifice our lives.”

Jarablus Military Council had been established with the union of Euphrates Jarablus (Cawadira), Ahrar Jarablus and Siqûr Jarablus battalions.


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