Syrian government troops, backed by Russian airstrikes, are waging a daily struggle to retake every inch of territory from the Islamic State terrorists in the province of Deir-ez Zor.

Over the past week, Russian jets have intensified their sorties, conducting up to 150 surgical strikes against terrorist convoys coming into Syria from Iraq, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

RT’s Murad Gazdiev managed to get first-hand experience of the fighting as he accompanied the Syrian military across the only bridge over the Euphrates river in the area – straight to the frontline in Hatla village in Deir-ez Zor province.

Gazdiev was standing just 500 meters from IS positions when the terrorists launched their assault, which started with an engine roar leading to fire from guns and heavier weapons.

IS terrorists use a harassing tactic against the troops – opening fire as they hide behind houses, driving around in circles at high speed, firing and quickly retreating before the military can respond, Gazdiev said with salvos audible nearby.


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