At around 03:00 Friday midnight Syrian regime and Russian warplanes bombed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions in Sina region, North of ISIS stronghold Deir ez-Zor. Six SDF fighters were wounded in the attack.

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), an umbrella organization for political groups in Northern Syria, condemned Russian and Syrian attack against the SDF that are fighting to liberate Deir ez-Zor from ISIS.

The organization called on the international coalition to put pressure against Russia and Syria to stop the attacks against SDF, saying: “The interventions which help the terrorists should stop.”

The statement continued:

“As MSD we strongly condemn this attack which is serving ISIS. It was carried out to help ISIS and to prevent the (SDF) fighters from advancing. 

We call on the international coalition to stop these interventions. We call upon Russia to stop the attacks that serve the terrorists and deepen the crisis in Syria.

Our aim is to free our people from terror and to find a solution to the crisis in Syria. Victory is ours! Down with terror!”


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