SDF Warns Syrian Regime to Not Cross Euphrates in Deir ez-Zor

- 1505607644 f1ecaa521a8dc7d5dd506253c745bd8f L 768x378 - SDF Warns Syrian Regime to Not Cross Euphrates in Deir ez-Zor

ERBIL — The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have threatened to block the Syrian Regime’s forces path to cross the Euphrates River while both sides are attempting to recapture the eastern territories from Islamic State (IS).

Making territorial gains against IS in Deir ez-Zor, the province’s military council, backed by the SDF, warned the government forces and their militia allies against firing across the river as its fighters close in, as reported by Reuters.

“Now we have 3 km between us and the eastern riverbank, once our forces reach the area, any shot fired into that area we will consider an attack on the military council,” said military council’s commander Ahmed Abu Khawla.

“We have notified the regime and Russia that we are coming to the Euphrates riverbank, and they can see our forces advancing,” he pointed out. “We do not allow the regime or its militias to cross to the eastern riverbank.”

However, Russia, which backs the Syrian Regime in their bid to recapture the province from IS, said that they have already crossed; and Bashar al-Assad’s forces are also threatening to fight any forces blocking their path.

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