PYD Forces Kidnap Three Opposition Members in Rojava


ERBIL— The forces affiliated with the dominant Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Rojava (northern Syria) kidnapped three members of the Kurdish opposition on Thursday.

Sources told BasNews that a masked armed group from the PYD intelligence service stormed the house of a leader from the Kurdistan Democratic Party- Syria, Nizamaddin Aliko in Dirbesiye, Qamishlo province, on Thursday afternoon.

They took the Kurdish leader with them to an unidentified destination without giving any explanation.  

On Thursday evening, a PYD special force also abducted Mustafa Sinan and Fahd Ali As’ad, two members of the Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS), in Jawhariyah village in Amuda Plain.

The ENKS members had invited the villagers to attend a public ceremony in support of the independence referendum of the Kurdistan Region which will take place on Friday.

Tens of ENKS leaders and members have been kidnapped and detained by the PYD forces for political reasons.    

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