"Education is the basic element to build a free personality" 

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Members of the Women’s Asayish (Women’s police force), who successfully graduated from the military and ideological training cycle in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, voiced their opinions regarding the training.

Cemîle Hesen said that she enhanced her knowledge thanks to the training they received and noted that education was significant to enable a person to fulfil their responsibilities.

Ceylan Ebdo said that the training boosted their will and added: “Such a training is vital to the members of the Women’s Asayish, as it qualifies them to take care of their own and their society’s defence.”

Zehra Mislim, member of the Women’s Asayish Command, explained that they have all undergone a change of their personalities and have improved their thoughts, saying: “All women need to take part in suchlike training cycles, in order to organise themselves and to be freed from social traditions. Education is the basic element of the creation of a free personality.”

The Martyr Abu Nur training cycle in the Asayish Martyrs’ Academy in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, which continued for 35 days with the participation of 25 members of the Asayish force, has been completed successfully on Thursday.

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