NGO Calls on PYD to Free Kurdish Opposition Members

- 1505143159 0e800b945bf81358aa8977650f65b56f L 768x432 -  NGO Calls on PYD to Free Kurdish Opposition Members


ERBIL—An organization affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)-Syria on Monday issued a statement in which it appealed to the ruling Kurdish party to release opposition leaders and members.

Afrin organization urged Democratic Union Party (PYD) to free the commanders and cadres who have been arrested and imprisoned by its Asayish (security) service.

Tens of opposition party leaders, politicians and members are held in Asayish detention centers in Rojava (northern Syria).

The organization also held PYD responsible for well-being of the people under custody, especially KDP-Syria commander Abdurrahman Apo, whose health situation was reported as deteriorating.  

The statement by the organization was issued two months past Apo’s arrest and on the first anniversary of taking under custody, another leader from KDP-Syria, Ahmed Saydo.

The organization, furthermore, calls on the human rights and civil society organizations to raise their voice against PYD and press the party to free the opposition members.

The unilateral authority of PYD in Rojava has been criticized of cracking down on the opposition parties. Apart from human rights violations, the party has also been accused of “going easy” on the Islamic State (IS) captives by letting tens of them free after investigations.



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