Alevi Council opens in Efrîn Canton 

- 1504908293 20170908 efrin mebata vakerna meglisa alawiya le mebata e2 80 ab170852869 e2 80 ac e2 80 ab e2 80 ac9c1258 image 768x388 - Alevi Council opens in Efrîn Canton 

The Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) opened a council of the local Alevi population in Efrîn’s Mabata district in order to promote the organisation of the Alevi community in all fields of life in the Efrîn Canton.

Efrîn Canton’s Executive Council Co-president Hêvî Mustefa, Foreign Affairs Council President Silêman Cefer, Êzidîs Union Co-chairs Suad Hiso and Ebdulrehman Şamo, Religious Union President Mihemed Qasim and members of several organisations attended the council’s opening ceremony.

- EFRIN  MEBATA  VAKERNA  MEGLISA  ALAWIYA  LE  MEBATA  - Alevi Council opens in Efrîn Canton 

A minute of silence was followed by the speeches of Hêvî Mustefa and Alawi sheikh Comerd Sito who congratulated the Alevi community and all the peoples of the region on the council’s opening.

After that an Alevi music group performed poets and songs.

At the end the participants felicitated the opening of the Alevi Council on the Alevi community.

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