Co-chair to the Efrîn’s Election Executive Commission, Nesrîn El-Ebîd, spoke about the 50% quota of female candidates who met for the upcoming communes election in Efrîn Canton.

Nesrîn El-Ebîd said that the women constitute equally to the men half of the nominees for the positions of the communes’ co-administrators. “As there are 600 female candidates out of the total 1200 nominees, we can see that both genders are equally represented in the region of Northern Syria” she said.

El-Ebîd evaluated that the given 50% quota effectively animates the participation of women in election preparations and enables them to fulfill assigned tasks in any field of life.

At the end, Nesrîn El-Ebîd made a call on all women for active participation also in the elections of councils, regional administrations and people’s congress.


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