ERBIL— Four civil society organizations have been banned by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), claiming they are “unnecessary” in Rojava (northern Syria).

The Social Affairs and Labor Board of PYD (which has established its rule in Rojava) announced the news on its Facebook account.

The Syrian Shafak organization, the Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD) in Syria, and Sons of War organization, which are all based in Turkey, are banned.

Also PYD has refused to allow Maram Foundation for Relief and Development (MFRD) whose main office is in the US, to operate further in Rojava.  

PYD’s Social Affairs and Labor Board said the “decision to ban and not renew the license of these organizations is in the public interest.”

It also claimed the organizations do not perform any activities in their area.

Azad Osman, a lawyer and activist from Rojava, described the decision as “wired.”

“It looks as a reaction to the Turkish government’s decision to suspend the operation of several organizations as they were accused of being supported by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK),” he said.

Many observers believe the PYD in Syria is not but an offshoot of the PKK, which has been recognized as an outlawed organization by Turkey for decades.

Osman indicated the banned organizations by the PYD, though are based in Turkey, are not Turkish but international NGOs.

He warned PYD’s decision will only harm the civilians because they benefited from the assistance offered by these organizations.





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