PYD Frees 75 IS Captives in Raqqa

- 1502638620 4eeb37466d72ce026ceb11382368c03b L - PYD Frees 75 IS Captives in Raqqa

ERBIL— The forces affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) on Sunday freed some 75 members of the Islamic State (IS) organization in Raqqa who had recently surrendered to the Kurdish forces.

Raqqa Civil Council, formed by the PYD, said in a statement the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the local security forces in Raqqa handed over the IS captives to their families.

The statement also indicated another group of IS captives will be freed in a near future.

A civil society activist from Raqqa, Firas Mamduh Fahid, posted on his Facebook account the names of the militants who have been freed.

Among the freed people are IS members from Tal Afar and Beiji towns and Anbar province of Iraq.

According to some media reports, the IS militants gave themselves in when the SDF and Kurdish guerrillas advanced into the neighborhoods of Raqqa. They were investigated in the town of Ain Isa in Syria before their families were called for taking them back home.



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