#Uganda #genocide#KASESE MASSACRE IS WORSE THAN ALEPPO IN SYRIA By SPAN We have heard of the bombardments of Aleppo in Syria and many people have lost their lives but the difference is that those in Aleppo are not targeted and not rounded up in a single building where the massacre occurred as it was in Kasese. In Kasese Museveni was aware that the Palace had mother’s and children and decided to specifically order the attack on that particular Palace knowing very well that those trapped inside the Palace had no escape route. Museveni is aware that during an actual war an escape rout is always available in case the force is overwhelmed and Museveni himself has said this on many occasions. If it is the case then why didn’t he allow the citizens trapped inside the Palace an escape route? The police has told us that only 64 people were killed but then we find out that all the hospitals in Kasese morgues were full of dead bodies and could not absorb anymore. More dead bodies had to be routed to nearby Kasese morgues like Kyenjojo. Museveni’s rants of giving them two hours to surrender does not hold water because all cultural institutions have a way of talking to the government in order to get their emoluments from the central government and how come the government did not cut off that channel for Kasese. In Aleppo the invading force does not target specifically children and as bad as it is in Aleppo no child’s hands were tied and then executed. Where are the mothers of those kids that were killed? The government is telling lies that these people are in custody but the real truth is the mothers were also executed. The government even killed herdsmen that were taking care of the King’s cows. Why did Kayihura fire the regional Kasese police commander after the massacre? There is more than meets the eye and people need to wake up. NRM is the most organized terrorist group in form of a government. NRM is acting like a rebel outfit and it has been so for its entire life it has been in power. When rebels ambush a village they could wipe out the entire village and that is what NRM did in Kasese. Many mothers were raped and executed and now the government is covering it up by saying that they are custody. STOP THE MADNESS


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