Syria Would Shoot Down any Jet that Threatens its Airspace: FM

ERBIL — Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday that the country’s air defense system is fully prepared to give a firm response to any possible act of aggression, stressing that the decision to confront any aggressive move is long-standing.

Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northwestern Syria under the Turkish attack “is an integral part of the Syrian territories,” he said, adding that they “will never give up one centimetre of these territories”, as reported by Press TV.

He also urged the Arabs and the Kurds in the area to unite in the face what he called “Turkish aggression.”

Mekdad accused the United States (US) of violating Syria’s sovereignty, calling its rare strikes against the pro-government forces earlier this week a “war crime.” 

The US said earlier that the strikes were in self-defense, after the pro-government troops encroached on its allies and advisers in eastern Syria.