Kurds Call Iraq’s 2018 Budget Bill Unconstitutional

ERBIL — The Kurdish factions at the Iraqi parliament stated that the proposed budget bill is unconstitutional.

Arez Abdullah, a Kurdish MP at the Iraqi parliament in a press conference on Tuesday said that the Kurdish factions have called on the presidency, the parliament, and the council of ministers of Iraq to set a meeting for resolving the issue pertaining to the budget bill.

The Kurdish official further said that they have met with the Iraqi PM twice and tried to persuade him to review the budget bill, but he had not taken their suggestions into consideration, the Kurdish representatives therefore asserted that they would boycott any sessions set to pass the budget bill.

The Iraqi parliament has already conducted the first discussion over the bill without the presence of the Kurdish lawmakers, but the session was later cancelled since some Sunni Arab factions boycotted it as well.

The federal government in 2014 cut the Kurdistan Region’s budget share, accusing the region of selling its oil independently.

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