Kuwaiti preacher says embargo on KRG cause for hatred, harm

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Famous Kuwaiti preacher Tareq al Suwaidan condemns the Iraqi government’s embargo on the Kurdistan Region, saying the Kurds have endured much hardship in their past and such acts now are unacceptable.

“The Kurds are a kind people and have suffered a lot in their history,” al-Suwaidan has written on his Facebook account.

“In addition to the sacrifices they’ve made for the Islamic world, they also have brave leaders such as Saladin,” writes the Kuwaiti preacher.

He points out the division of the Kurdish land across Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

Al-Suwaidan says that the Kurds held a referendum in order to draw world attention to their situation “after a long time of waiting and an increase in oppression against them,”

The Iraqi government has imposed a flight ban on the Kurdistan Region as a punitive measure against an independence referendum held last week in which an overwhelming 92 percent voted for separation from Iraq.

“Imposing an embargo on them is unacceptable just as it is not acceptable to impose embargoes on Qatar and Gaza,” writes al-Suwaidan.

“That would only harm the nations and increase hatred and resentment,” he adds.