Russian MoD releases videos of Air Force hitting ‘terrorist vehicles & hideouts’ in Syria

New combat footage, captured by surveillance planes and drones observing airstrikes in Syria, was released by Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday. Four undated short clips show the Russian Air Force targeting terrorist-held areas of the country.

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One clip shows a precise strike on a munitions stockpile, according the Defense Ministry. The location is completely obliterated in the massive blast.

Another clip demonstrates a direct hit on what the military says was a terrorist field command point. Following the powerful blast, the building can be seen razed to the ground.

This video demonstrates an airstrike on apparent terrorist headquarters at an unknown location. Several vehicles can be seen in front of the building moments before an aerial bomb hits it.

The last one shows the Russian Air Force targeting a terrorist combat vehicle, the ministry said. Following the explosion, burning remains of the vehicle can be seen scattered on the ground.