170 delegates from the political parties in Rojava Kurdistan and Syria attended the two-day workshop of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) for Rojava in Rimelan, Northern Syria. Participants of the workshop released a final declaration calling for a national unity congress and a common military organisation to defend Kurdistan.

KNK Co-chair Nilufer Koç read the final declaration in the last session of the workshop. The participants unanimously approved the text.

The declaration of the KNK-Rojava workshop will be presented to the planned Kurdistan General National Unity Conference.

Some points from the resolution are as follows:

– Cultural, civilian and tribal councils should be established and these organisations should be supported.

– YPG/YPJ and all Kurdish forces that fight against terrorism should be supported.

– Efforts should be enhanced in order for the return of those displaced and forced to migrate.

– All political parties should make efforts for the development of the co-presidential system.

– Women’s organisations should be assisted and supported for the ultimate goal of the development and improvement of society.

– Public seminars should be organised to tell and talk about the importance of Kurdistan National Congress.

– Stronger calls should be made for demonstrations demanding freedom for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

– The Kurds living in Shehba Canton and Damascus should be supported as a national duty.

Participants of the workshop also condemned Turkish army’s continuing attacks against Afrin, and decided to establish a committee for a better cooperation and dialogue between the Kurdish parties in Rojava.

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