Cizre urges support from UN for increasing influx of IDPs 

First the invasion of Syrian cities by ISIS and Al Nusra gangs then the devastation caused by the fighting against these groups created millions of IDPs and refugees in Syria. Cizre Canton, which is a relatively peaceful part of the country, became a safe haven for IDPs as well as refugees from Iraq.

Social Affairs Council’s Office of Immigration released a statement about the current situation of refugees and IDP. The statement underlined the scarcity of resources to settle and feed the refugees and urged UN for more aid and support.

“Despite the war against terror and the embargo, our autonomous administration uses all its facilities to provide support and security for the IDPs from Raqqa and Deiz ez-Zor and refugees from neighboring states” the statement read.

Rojava officials are expecting more IDPs as Syrian Democratic Forces launch an operation to liberate Deir ez-Zor.

The office warned for a humanitarian crisis and called UN and other international organization for more aid to cope with the influx of IDPs to Cizre Canton.